There’s a girl that wants to be someone else

She’s lonely

She can’t stand alone

She’s jealous and insecure

She wants to be better or the best

But people around her doesn’t like her

They say she’s not good enough

Talent, that’s what she really wants

She feel so small, dumb, and useless

She needs attention, she WANTS attention.

She’s different. And weird.


It isn’t easy to forget the past like you never knew him

It isn’t easy to move on when you know you’re still into him

It isn’t easy to be happy if you are actually broken



The Greatest Gift

262773_313691938731744_508616540_nWords are not enough to define the JOY when I’m with them. But I’ll try my best to share the happiness as far as I can.

I ignore the world when they bring the happiness. Those feeling that I get is RARE, you’ll never experience it to others. Maybe I can say that, they’re very special to me. Misunderstanding is common, but we never let the day end without any heed.

God given them to me. They’re my GIRLFRIENDS at the same time, SISTERS =] The gift from God, the greatest gift.

Begin Again ★

There comes a time that all we want is to give up. Look up the night sky and think about our problems again and again. Then finally, realizing that life is full of wonderful things like the stars. Even they are far from us, they give us light to shine again. They burn and fall to Earth, but just like them, we got a lot to learn. So why do we need to give up if we can BEGIN AGAIN? ★★★

The Wonderful Gift

The Wonderful Gift

I didn’t meet them by accident, because I’m sure that I meet them by PURPOSE. With them, things become BETTER, and BETTER becomes BEST. DULL moments becomes WEIRD, and WEIRD becomes GRATIFICATION ❤